Belarusian water "Frost" is entering the Russian market

15 march 2013

And now the well-known Belarusian-Russian company "Frost" - the producer of Belarusian mineral water - decided to share with Russians the stocks of invaluable Belarusian water.

Let's think about what customers get back for their money buying crystal-clear, natural mineral Belarusian water.

Usually we don’t think much about water we buy and usually our choice is based on taste preferences. Meanwhile there are several types of Belarusian mineral water, and each of them has its advantages, ways and purposes for use. But there are several points that shall be paid attention. There is a huge difference between natural mineral and artificially mineralized Belarusian water. Any artificially mineralized Belarusian water only seems similar to natural water. However it is impossible to create and repeat the unique structure of natural mineral water in any modern laboratory. This is the reason why natural mineral Belarusian water is a unique product.

So scientists from St. Petersburg military medical college discovered that salt used for mineralization can't be absolutely cleared, and therefore can contain the additives littering the liver. Thankfully we live in civilized and developed country where Sanitary and Epidemic Control services exercise control over all products.

I think everyone would agree that it is very important for us to care about the health of our relatives. Company “Frost” follows this rule. In your opinion is it possible to compare forest air to air of two-million city? Water "Frost" is delicious and useful just because it is not made but extracted on the territory of environmentally clean district, practically in the wood at the depth of 283 m from underground source located under basalt layer.

Besides, Belarusian natural mineral water “Frost” is a curative table water which allows to drink it as much as you want without preliminary consultation with the doctor, unlike so-called curative waters where the content of mineral salts exceeds admissible norms.

If you like active lifestyle, if you do care about your own health if you love delicious food... in a word, if you love yourself, than attention to quality of water you drink becomes an important issue According to the latest reports up to 80% of diseases are related to consumption of low-quality Belarusian water. This is the reason why developed countries consume more high-quality natural mineral water from ecologically clean districts. There are not so many clean districts left in Europe. Mostly it is water from Alpine region and several zones in the territory of Belgium, Italy or France. Therefore such well-known western waters are so expensive. It is clear that traditional quality and purity are quite expensive. In the modern world good life is expensive. — And where well-known "60% of mineral water of Europe" which according to advertizing, shall be located in Belarus and cost much cheaper?

Mineral water is hidden in Belarusian subsoil at the depth of 100 meters and even deeper. Belarusian-Russian company "Frost " traditionally cares not only about quality of production, the quality is traditionally high inherently, but also cares how to create the most available price for natural water. Fundamentally guiding principle of the enterprise is a folk Belarusian saying: “everything you do – you do for yourself”. This is why not only our employees and business partners, but everybody who tried at least once mineral water “Frost” – sincerely believes that this is the most delicious water in Belarus. And now when the company came to russian market we can proudly say that everything you do well – you do not only for yourself but also for other people!