Water for kids – benefit for health

1 january 2013

"If we paid more attention to what our children drink, they would fall ill twice less" — pediatricians often tell to inexperienced parents, urging them to refuse drinking carbonated drinks and low-quality nectars in favor of usual but such useful water.

The most useful for children's organism is considered:

  • bottled water
  • boiled chilled water
  • tea
  • milk
  • sour-milk drinks
  • kompote
  • juice.

It is known that the organism of a child consists of water at 60 – 80%, and every day children from 3 to 7 years need to drink 80 ml/1 kg.

Experts believe that drinking bottled water which is more preferable to boiled water as some useful properties disappear at high temperatures is very healthy. Natural water produced without changing of original structure is considered especially useful.

While choosing bottled water for your child you should pay attention to the next points:

water has to correspond to the highest quality standards applied to baby food;

water has to be transparent, without smell and smacks;

all the information about the producing enterprise shall appear at label information about medical organizations where this product was certified;

shelf-life - near 6 months.

Фрост для детей

Is there water in Belarus that can be given to children without any fears of enteric viruses, cold, flues or toxic substances? Yes. And this is drinking still water “Frost Classic” which is ideal for kids of any age, and for kids over 3 years old it can be served without additional boiling and also can be used for cooking.

Producers pay attention that drinking still water “Frost” is extracted from natural artesian well located on the territory of the enterprise from the depth about 195 m.

Drinking still water “Frost” has other advantages: it has soft and pleasant taste, isn't exposed to chemical cleaning thus saving useful features which is especially important for the health of kids.

We buy expensive toys and bright clothes, annually we go to the seaside, we care about their health and spend a lot of money on their treatment in case of illness. And what about such trifle as high-quality water, for some reasons we forget about it... By replacing carbonated water with high-quality drinking still water today we will avoid many problems with the health tomorrow.

Frost cares about the future!

Детям с трех лет