Frost - water created by nature!

15 march 2013

The purpose of water is not only in satisfying thirst or feeling its original taste. Water has to be, first of all, ecologically clean and contain maximum useful substances for the organism. Through water potassium, magnesium, sodium, calcium and other useful substances are assimilated by our organism. Therefore, it is necessary to choose such water which will be useful for you and will keep you in good mood.

Mineral water “Frost” which has been produced in Belarus for thirteen years already, became a symbol of life quality and excellent mood. Today it is very popular. "Frost" is loved by adults and children. And not only at the territory of Belarus but also in other countries. High quality of products was rewarded at international exhibitions and tasting competitions.

So what makes this water so popular?

The first reason is that water is extracted in the most ecologically clean district of Belarus — village of Homsk, Drogochinsky district,Brest region. The depth of the well is 285 meters! It is located in a place of basalt beddings while basalt is the best natural filter. The length of the well surpasses height of well-known American skyscrapers! It is the same water as it was thousands and one hundred thousands years ago! Secondly the unique composition of mineral water. It has no contraindications. Only sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, chloridum, sulfates, hydrocarbonates. It’s a classical composition: nothing else! Its distinctive feature is very soft, pleasant and unique flavor which makes water “Frost” different from other waters. Water “Frost” has moderate degree of a mineralization: only 1,0 — 2,4 g/l. When you drink it you don't feel "excessive salinity". It is unpleasant to drink such salty water and even a little bit scaring: it might harm the health! Healing water "Frost" is a pleasure. The nature itself created balance of value and taste. And balance is an indicator of quality.

Another advantage of mineral water “Frost” is that it is natural mineral water without artificial mineralization. Useful qualities of water remain for a long time, even after opening the bottle.

Keep up!

One liter of still mineral water “Frost” contains as much calcium as two glasses of natural milk! It is exactly a half of daily nutrition requirement of adult organism. Sufficient amount of calcium — healthy teeth, bones, nerves, as a result excellent posture, smile and mood.

The joint Belarusian-Russian company "Frost" produces not only mineral carbonated and mineral still water “Frost”, but also drinking still water “Frost”. It is also very popular. This natural deep-well water extracted at the depth of 195 meters. Optimum concentration of positive and negative ions keeps the whole body in good shape. It is good not only for drinking but also for cooking.


High quality of mineral water Frost was rewarded at many international exhibitions and tasting competitions not only in Belarus but also in other countries. These are gold and silver medals at traditional international exhibitions “Pivo” in Sochi, exhibition "Rosprodtorg. Russian quality" (St. Petersburg), world fair "Russian Farmer", diversified exhibition “Brestprodekspo”, Production of “Frost” company won at competition "The Best Goods of the Republic of Belarus". At national competition "Brand of the Year" mineral Frost water received diploma at the nomination "Customers choice". In March, 2008 quality of production "Frost" was proved by Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points international quality managements systems. Thus the enterprise confirmed good quality oа produced mineral waters. Compliance certificate of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points is a guarantee of the best quality and also this certificate gives a right to sell products to European countries.

In May, 2008 JV “Frost” received the certificate of the official partner of National Olympic committee of the Republic of Belarus. In December, 2009 company “Frost” was entitled to mark its products with the sign "Natural Product". The right was acquired by drinking and mineral still water “Frost”.


If you haven’t tried yet mineral and drinking water “Frost”, do it today! Drink it every day and you will feel its perfect taste, you will feel the pleasure of clear water!