Not advertising, and advice

1 february 2013

More and more people realize that it is very important not only what you eat, but also what you drink and as a result the quality of water. Using bottled water and drinking mineral water instead of usual water becomes more popular for cooking. Indeed at the genetic level it is “programmed” to drink only clear water.

Mineral water “Frost” has been produced in Belarus since 1997. It is extracted in the most ecologically clean district of Belarus — village of Homsk, Drogochinsky district,Brest region. The depth of the well is 285 meters! It is located in a place of basalt beddings while basalt is the best natural filter.

Water “Frost” does not have any contraindications. Only sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, chloridum, sulfates, hydrocarbonates. It’s a classical composition: nothing else! Its distinctive feature is very soft, pleasant and unique flavor which makes water “Frost” different from other waters. Water “Frost” has moderate degree of a mineralization: only 1,0 — 2,4 g/l. When you drink it you don't feel "excessive salinity". Besides, water isn't exposed to chemical cleaning that allows you to feel its natural taste and freshness.

srednegazirovannaya drinking water «Frost»

Company "Frost" produces not only mineral carbonated and mineral still water “Frost”, but also drinking still water “Frost”. It is also very popular. Everybody can find his own water, some people prefer drinking still water for cooking, some people like flavoured water with the taste of lemon or raspberry or iodized and selenium containing water for good health. In November, 2010 the enterprise started production of a new high-quality product. New product is drinking medium carbonated water “Frost” is produced from clean natural artesian water, the well is located on the territory of the enterprise. It has very soft and unique taste.

Water “Frost” is loved by many customers, among them – popstar Irina Dorofeeva.

Famous singer admits: “During my travelling I tried water from different water sources. Sometimes it was impossible to drink such water even despite the fact it was very useful and healthy: sometimes it was too salty, sometimes had very strange smell. I am very particular person if to speck about the choice of water – for me clean water has to have perfect flavour and taste. I like water “Frost” for its purity”.

Last year Irina Dorofeeva became spokesmodel of company “Frost”.

“For me advertizing of any company is very responsible step, - says Irina. This choice has to be conscious. I like products of company “Frost” a lot – this is the first reason, the second - water for me — is a source of vital energy. I don’t advertize “Frost”, I advise its products to my friends and relatives. I think it is necessary to try once and after the person will be able to make his choice”.

Irina Dorofeeva