Force of Nature

  • Natural water without  artificial mineralization and without changing of  salinity;

  • Isn't exposed to chemical cleaning;
  • Produced from the underground sources located in a place of basalt beddings, while basalt is the most reliable natural filter;

  • Produced in picturesque region of Polesye – far from big industrial enterprises.
  • Keeps useful features and taste for a long time even after opening the bottle.


“Frost” is absolutely natural mineral water without artificial mineralization. Produced on the territory of ecologically clean region of Belarus – village Homsk,  Brest region. The underground source is located on the depth of 285 m. Mineral water “Frost” has composition which doesn't have any contraindications: only sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, clorides, sulfates, hydrocarbonates. It is a classic composition. At the same time such healing water doesn't have "excessive salinity". Distinguishing feature of mineral water “Frost” is a moderate degree of mineralization.

The high quality of “Frost” products was honored and rewarded at many international exhibitions and tasting competitions not only in Belarus but also in other countries. These are gold and silver medals at traditional international exhibitions “Pivo” (Sochi), “Rosprodtorg” (St. Petersburg).  

Mineral water “Frost” was awarded at competitions “Best Goods of the Republic of Belarus’, “Brand of the year”, “Best products of the year”. “Product of the year”, “Natural product” etc.