Water naturally

Water naturally
  • World Water Day is held annually on 22 March.
  • Ocean covers about ¾ surface of the globe, thereby ocean is constantly heating sublayers of the atmosphere and softening the climate of the globe.
  • Water covers 71% of the Earth's surface but only 1% can be used for drinking.
  • The World Ocean contains about 328.000.000 cubic miles of sea water.
  • We will never have more water, than we have now.
  • Daily about 1 trillion tons of water evaporate from the Earth’s surface.
  • Water is the only substance which can exist in nature in three forms: firm (ice), liquid and gaseous.
  • The water makes up 93% of water-melon.
  • There is a source of combustible water near village Kergalеn in Azerbaijan. With the help of a match water lights up with a blue flame because of methane.
  • A glass of water contains about 8 septillion molecules.